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Designer Interview: Sam Gaskill of Lana Home

Lana Home

Lana Home have combined mid-century modern furniture shapes with Harris Tweed to produce their stunning first furniture collection. We catch up with Sam Gaskill, Lana Home’s co-founder, to find out about the manufacturing journey his furniture goes on across the British Isles, from the Outer Hebrides to Devon. Can you tell me a bit more about…

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Heal's launches totally British furniture collection

New dining furniture is made from ash from UK woodlands and travels only 180 miles from forest to store [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=k9JRygP9FR4] Did you know that this week is Grown in Britain week? All across the country events have been taking place to encourage people into British woodlands  as well as to  highlight the products that can…

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Spotlight on…Jacksons Fencing

In the first of a series highlighting some of the Best of British businesses that feature in our directory, we catch up with Richard Jackson, CEO of Jacksons Fencing, to find out more about his company. About the company: Established in 1947, Jacksons Fencing is a family run business which designs, manufactures and installs perimeter…

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A Day in the Life of…textile designer Catherine Tough

Catherine Tough

Welcome to the busy world of successful British business owner Catherine Tough Catherine Tough Textiles has taken the traditional craft of knitting and turned it on its head to create a truly individual British business. Established 13 years ago by namesake Catherine Tough, the business manufactures a unique range of homewares and gifts, including doorstops, cushions and…

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Innovation and expansion in British carpet design and manufacture


The unique collaboration between Timorous Beasties and Brintons Carpets was highlighted last week in a fascinating talk organised as part of the Clerkenwell Design Week festival. Founded in 1783, Kidderminster based Brintons Carpets, a worldwide market leader in the supply of high quality Axminster, Wilton, tufted carpets and rugs for both the residential and contract interior…

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How craftsmanship is returning to the UK Tableware Industry

Designer/Makers are teaming up with small UK manufacturers to bring their designs to a wider audience As someone who has been working in the ceramics industry for over 20 years, it’s interesting to see the re-emergence of small scale manufacturing in the UK again after a decade dominated by mass-produced designs.  Often called batch production…

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A visit to Royal Stafford Pottery

We took a trip to Stoke-on-Trent to meet Norman Tempest, MD of Royal Stafford and backer of British design A while I go I praised Norman Tempest, MD of Stoke pottery company Royal Stafford, for winning an award for his support of British design. So I was delighted to be invited up to Stoke on…

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Staffordshire Ceramicist wins 'Backer of British Design' Award

Norman Tempest

Managing Director of Royal Stafford Tableware gains recognition for his support of British designers with English Eccentrix range Norman Tempest, managing director of Royal Stafford tableware, established English Eccentrix in 2011 as a way of supporting British designers working in the ceramic industry. The project encourages up-and-coming British designers to enter the manufacturing industry by providing…

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Vitsœ: standing up to a world that favours new over better

Vitsoe universal 606 Shelving System

What can Vitsœ’s 606 Universal Shelving System teach us about living better with less that lasts longer? When people say to me that buying British equates to spending more money I always like to point out that if you buy something that  is well made, it may cost you more but it will last you a…

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Happy Sofa: Bringing joy to the homes of Britain

Happy Sofa

Our interview with the founder of new British-made furniture brand Happy Sofa This year we are planning to feature a more diverse range of British brands and manufacturers on the site, other than just clothing and textiles, because there are so many great British made products out there spanning manydifferent industries. To kick this off…

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Interview: Ben Edmonds, creator of Blok Knives

Blok knives are no ordinary kitchen knives, they are more like works of art, and every one is handmade in Ben Edmonds’ workshop in Derbyshire Blok knives are a great example of British craftsmanship being reinvented. Each knife is profiled from a flat sheet of either stainless or carbon steel, with wooden handles carved from English oak.…

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Rockman & Rockman furniture


Born from a frustration of not being able to find things that they wanted for their own home, Kate Lennard & Mark Garside set up Rockman & Rockman furniture Rockman and Rockman is a brand new British furniture company founded by Kate Lennard and Mark Garside. Their first range of tables uses cast acrylic and…

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Designer Interview: Victoria Cramsie from PaperBoy Wallpaper

How do you decorate a boy’s bedroom in a stylish way? PaperBoy Wallpaper solves the problem Here we interview Victoria Cramsie, founder of PaperBoy Wallpaper, to discover how she realised that there was a gap in the market for decorating boys bedrooms, and find out why she is grateful to the British manufacturers who made…

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Designer Interview: Robert Paisley of Chisel & Mouse

Chisel & Mouse make miniature models of the facades of iconic buildings, and below we interview Robert Paisley, one of the brothers that founded the company. In the run up to the Jubilee, Make it British is endeavouring to prove that you can buy products that celebrate our Queen’s 60 year reign without resorting to…

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Fight the fakes – buy British-made instead

Fight the fakes - buy British-made instead

The Equal Rights for Design Campaign A campaign by Elle Deco to change the law to protect the intellectual property of designers is gathering apace. It shows that there has never been a better time to invest in original, well-designed products. And if they are British-made, then even better. The recent case of Claire’s Accessories producing identical pieces…

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Exclusive Interview: The Reefer Sail Company

Introducing Reefer Sails, a company selling recycled sail products designed & made in Britain Make it British has featured bags made from disgarded tents before, but never anything made from recycled sails.  This week we got a chance to speak to the Reefer Sails’ technical director, Mark Turner, about his truly innovative British business (which…

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The Canny Squirrel and her crafty tweed cushions

I haven’t featured any British made homewares on this site yet, but when I discovered Katherine Pentney’s Canny Squirrel range of quirky vintage tweed cushions, I thought I should share them. Here is an interview that I did with Katherine about her range: Can you tell me a bit more about yourself and why you…

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