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Made in Britain

At Make it British we are are proud to support British Brands and Manufacturers. and on the Make it British website we have a wealth of information available for people who are looking to buy products and services Made in Britain.

Below we have put together some of our most popular content to create the ultimate 'Buy British' guide.


Promote Your British Brand

If you make products here in the UK, or sell British products and services, you can promote your business on Make it British.

Reach thousands of people using our website to find products Made in Britain every day, by becoming a Make it British member.

Womenswear Made in Britain


In a recent study conducted by Make it British, over 90% of consumers surveyed said that they would be willing to pay more for British made products, compared to similar products made outside of the UK.

Menswear Made in Britain


Buying British helps the economy. Every purchase of a British product or service supports British industries and helps protect and create jobs in UK.

Made in Britain For Kids & Babies

  • Childrenswear-Sub-Category-300×300

    Our brands directory lists over 40 of the best British children's clothing brands, making clothing for younger and older kids.

  • Gifts_for_Him_RHS_Menu

    Our 2018 Christmas gift guide includes hundreds of gifts for him, including a great range of menswear gifts.

  • Mens-Shoes-300×300

    Britain makes some of the best men's footwear in the world. Browse men's shoe brands in the Make it British brands directory.

  • Spirit of Adventure Sleepy Nico Baby Carrier

    We've created the definitive to the best British baby brands, making baby clothes, blankets, bibs, sleepsuits and more.

Research from Barclays Corporate Banking recently revealed that two fifths of international consumers are more inclined to buy a product that carries the Union Jack.

Pet Products Made in Britain

  • Pet-Accessories-300×300

    You can even buy British for you dog or cat (or horse). The pets category of our brands directory lists some of the best British pet brands.

  • Gifts_for_Pets_RHS_Menu

    Our 2018 Christmas gift guide even contains a range of quality British made gifts for your four legged friends.

  • Berkeley dog beds

    We've created the definitive list of the very best British brands making quality dog accessories here in the UK.


Buying British is not always the cheapest option, but for many there is a sense of satisfaction that comes with buying British, that far outweighs the higher price tag.

Health & Beauty Made in Britain

Health & Beauty

Buying British is ethical. Consumers know that buying UK-made clothes probably means the people who made them were treated much more fairly than in factories overseas.

Home & Garden Products Made in Britain

  • Home-Textiles-300×300

    Browse over 160 British home and garden brands in the Make it British brands directory. Here you will find British furniture, homewares, garden products and more.

  • Unique_Gifts_RHS_Menu

    Our range of unique Christmas gifts include a huge range of homewares and garden products, all Made in Britain.

  • IMG_0602

    We've compiled a huge list of the very best Home Textiles Brands, all making products here in the UK.

  • Garden-300×300

    A huge range of Garden Accessories are made here in the UK. We've compiled a list of the best British garden accessories brands.


Buying British often means superior quality. Although British products often cost more, they usually last much longer and provide better value for money.

Food & Drink Made in Britain

Food & Drink
  • Food-300×300

    The Make it British directory lists some of the best British food & drink brands, including makers of meat, chocolate, cakes, lager and gin.

  • Three Choirs

    English sparkling wine is one of our favourite summer tipples here at Make it British. So we’ve decided to create a list to help you enjoy it too!

  • The-Chocolatier

    Do you know where your chocolate was made? We’ve put together a list of those that you can guarantee are 100% made in Britain.

  • 7 sibling

    It turns out our friends at Instagram like their Gin as much as us, so with their help we put together this list and discovered some new brands that we will be trying!

  • Farmers Choice_Feature Image

    Find out more about food provenance and why you should buy local food from independent producers rather than from the supermarkets.

Buying British food helps the environment. British food travels less far from farm to shop so has a lower carbon footprint than most imported foods.

Leisure Products Made in Britain