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About Make it British

Do you want to start a brand that's made in the UK?

Looking to sell your UK-made products?

Or wanting to buy British?

If so... you're in the right place!

Make it British has been helping businesses build British-made brands they can be proud of since 2011.

Founded by Kate Hills, a former designer and buyer with 30 years experience in retail.

Make it British promotes amazing British-made brands and helps businesses get their products manufactured in the UK.

Kate is passionate about making in the UK and has devoted the last ten years shining a light on British brands and local manufacturing.

In the last decade, Kate has helped thousands of businesses to find and successfully work with UK manufacturers and supported many more to grow their British-made brands.

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Why we champion UK manufacturing

There's a whole host of benefits to manufacturing in the UK and buying UK-made goods.

But, we can boil it down to three main reasons why we champion British-made.


To promote greener and more sustainable practices.


To retain and pass-on skills that would otherwise be lost.

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Make it British can help you...

Make it British is passionate about helping you launch your UK-made brand and helping you manufacture in the UK.

We have a range of resources, events and mentoring programmes to suit UK-made businesses at various stages in their journey.

With more people looking to buy locally-made goods and to manufacture in the UK, there has never been a better time to get involved with Make it British.

Join a community of like-minded people who proudly sell products made in the UK.

Make it British is the longest-running, and busiest platform on the web supporting Made in Britain receiving over 150,000 visitors a month

Create a profile for your brand in our directory and you'll receive a steady stream of referrals and sales from customers who are looking to buy products made in the UK.

Looking to buy British?

Our comprehensive guide of brands made in the UK is the go-to destination for consumers & buyers looking for British-made goods.


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